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Mushroom Foraging with Jill and Nick from FoodPath

Today was a great day to take a walk in the fresh Southern Highlands air in one of the state forests just south of Berrima.
But the purpose of today was not to get fresh air, that was a pleasant bonus, it was to forage for edible mushrooms in the pine forests.

Mushroom Foraging

With Jill and Nick of FoodPath being familiar with the edible varieties of mushrooms in the local pine forests they were the perfect guides for our morning of collecting mushrooms.
The main focus of the day was on two particular types of mushroom, the Saffron Milk cap and the Slippery Jack.
Although we did come across some other varieties, the edibility of some was undetermined but some where known to be toxic and so were definitely left alone.
It was a great morning of learning with a small group of five along with Jill and Nick which made it a comfortable and friendly group to share this learning experience with.
I look forward to cooking up my mushrooms and enjoying the new flavours that they bring and I also feel comfortable that I can now take myself along to one of the pine forests in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales and forage for mushrooms myself.

Jill and Nick of FoodPath may be holding more mushroom foraging tours during the Autumn mushroom season so there is still an opportunty to take advantage of their knowledge.


Mittagong Markets 16/3/13
An overcast dawn cleared to reveal a great sunny morning for the Mittagong Markets this week.
There was a good crowd at the markets and lots of stalls, some new and many of the regulars.
The crowd at Mittagong Markets

The crowd at Mittagong Markets
Of the local rpoducers there was Bruce from Whitmarsh Olives. Bruce produces some outstanding olive products usually with an interetsing difference that makes them worthwhile trying. I am sure you will find something to your liking.
Whitmarsh Olives

For great jams and chutneys you cant go past Lady Bucket’s Kitchen. They have a great variety of jams and chutneys with my personal favourite being the blackberry jam with great chucks of blackberry just the way I like it.
Lady Bucket's Kitchen

There were also other great producers offering fresh bread, fruit and veges, honey and many other great products.
With other stalls providing books, clothes, plants, bric-a-brac and other great products ittagong is a market that is wrothe the visit.
Hopefully the great weather continues on the weekends so that market time can be enjoyed throughout the cool season.
Exeter Markets 2/3/13

Well the rainy weather continued and it would seemed may have dampened the spirits of some stallholders who usually attend the Exeter Markets.

While many of the usual inside stallholders were there, many of the outside stallholders decided not to brave the wet weather.

This was a shame, for even though there was a little bit of rain early, for most of the morning the rain stayed away. It was cold but so was the rest of the Southern Highlands.

Among the local producers that did attend was Fresh Country Pasta and Sauces. Their fresh made pastas, including a gluten free fettucine, and home style pasta sauces are a great family dinner treat.

Country Fresh Pasta and Sauces

Even though Exeter Markets are relative newcomers in the Southern Highlands markets they are a great market and a lovely part of the Southern Highlands and well worth a visit.


Biota Markets 24/2/13

After a very wet day on Saturday, Sunday morning was literally a ray of sunshine.

While some of our local producers were away at other events there was still a good turn out of producers from the local area.

One of the relative newcomers was Arthur and Martha’s Fine Chutneys and Jams. They have many tasty combinations including tomato and eggplant which was a favourite of mine.

Arthur and Martha's Fine Chutneys and Jams

For fresh fruit and veges Pheasants Nest Produce had a great vartiety of fruit and veges with as much as possible sourced from local producers.

Pecora Dairy were there with their award winning sheep dairy products. These are well worth a try for something a bit different to what you may have tried before.

Pecora Dairy

All up it was a great morning for the first Biota Market for the year with the sun having a just a bit of a bite in it after such a dreary Saturday.


Mittagong Markets 19/1/13

Well, what a difference a day can make. With the scorching temperatures of Friday this morning was certainly a contrast.

With Mittagong sitting at a refreshing 20 degrees people were a lot happier with the cooler temperatures. Some even got out the jumpers.

A lot of the local producers that nowmally attend Mittagong Markets are having a break at the moment and their absense from the market was obvious. There were still plenty of stalls there with plants, flowers, fruit and veges, sauces, second hand tools and collectables, jams, cakes and other things available.

With next month will come the return of the local producers who deserve a break after bringing us good quality fresh foods all so be sure to keep some time free for visits to the our local markets.


Bowral School Market 12/1/13

Despite the early morning heat the turn out for Bowral School Market was pretty good for a January.

There were plenty of stalls and lots of shoppers looking for that something different or special or maybe both.

Bowral School Market 12/1/13

Among the Southern Highlands Producers there were Beefalicious. Just back from their Christmas break they had there delicious slider burgers and gourmet sausages on a stick. They had no packaged products for sale after the break but are ready to take orders now.


New to Bowral School Markets this month was a relative newcomer to Southern Highlands Producers D Cider, with their deliciously refreshing apple cider. Produced at Eling Forest Winery in Sutton Forest using juice squeezed from fresh Batlow Apples, the juice is then rushed to Eling Forest in the cool of night to produce what really is a great apple cider. They are available online and we recommend their cider as a refreshing drink at the end of these hot days we have been having.

D Cider

With so many great local producers at our local markets it is worth the trip to find the great quality food and drink that is available in the Southern Highlands.


Produced Locally is here to promote businesses selling foods and goods that are made locally. Businesses like farms that sell their produce direct to the consumer, craftspeople with handcrafted goods local wineries with cellar door sales are the types of businesses that will be found here. Also local markets which are also a rich source of goods that are produced locally.

If you are interested in having your business included on our site then contact John at or on 0410590044.