Produced Locally is here to promote businesses selling foods and goods that are made locally. Businesses like farms that sell their produce direct to the consumer, craftspeople with handcrafted goods local wineries with cellar door sales are the types of businesses that will be found here. Also local markets which are also a rich source of goods that are produced locally.

Buy food and goods that are produced locally makes sense. Not only do you usually get a better from product from people who care about the goods they produce and the people who use them, you also get a more environmentally product without the 100’s of kilometres of transport that is involved in delivering many of the goods we find in shops today.
You also have the added advantage of being able to see where your goods are coming from and meeting the people who have produced them. This is a rewarding experience in itself.
So feel free to have a look around our site and see what is here for you.

If you are interested in having your business included on our site then contact John at john@producedlocally.com.au or on 0410590044.